Everything you are doing on an empty stomach is slimming, and everything you eat is fattening (or killing, which is additionally slimming but unhealthy). Okay, if we leave it at that, it is a bit short, and in particular a touch short-sighted. Let’s go deeper.


Intermittent fasting is extremely fashionable, which basically consists of periods of controlled fasting, for instance not eating for an entire day every week , or eating just one meal each day every 4 days … there are thousands of formulas, which have existed all my life, but the one that’s fashionable now’s to eat only in periods of 8 hours each day , leaving the opposite 16 in fasting.

I have always liked the power we’ve to require something that has existed all our lives and alter the name, the marketing and sell it as an excellent discovery, and that we will provides it a shocking name, like «intermittent fasting». But wow, intermittent fasting is that the lifelong skipping of meals.

What’s going on? For an extended time it’s been said that the simplest thanks to eat is 5 times each day , and now people are talking about fasting… are we crazy?




We can not mention whether fasting is sweet or bad, if we don’t define the target first. why can we want to fast, to reduce , to perform better during a sport practice?

I understand that anyone who considers fasting in his life is because he’s looking to lower his rich person , because fasting, as a deficit, goes on to the accounts within the sort of «no income» and thus seeks the negative balance, as a matter in fact .

If we don’t include the game variable, actually the difference isn’t such a lot within the distribution as within the total amount of calories ingested. Keep that data.

So the good question, which everyone should account themselves, is whether or not by fasting they’re going to eat less. Some people, under the pressure of knowing that they’re getting to go 16 hours without eating, feel the necessity to devour as if to hibernate.

Of course, from the above data, whether a method of limiting calories is simpler or the opposite is extremely personal. There are those that can perfectly eat 5 times each day in controlled quantities and there are people who become anxious whenever they begin to eat and find it very difficult to regulate themselves. For the latter it’s more complicated to ingest the proper calories at each meal.



Beware of this trick question. If you’ve got excess weight and fasting helps you to eat less and thus to eliminate it, then fasting, in your case, is healthy. But with equal calories, it’s always far more effective, profitable and healthy to spread them out over the day.

Therefore, during a ranking of healthiness and also of reasonableness, it might be better positioned than «overeating» but worse than «eating an equivalent well distributed».




The first thing you ought to know is that with fasting you not only lose fat, but you furthermore may lose muscular tonus the load of the food itself and therefore the weight of the water that the food needs within the body. and therefore the latter are regained, therefore the weight loss from fasting isn’t true if you simply check out the short term, it’s not really weight lost.

In addition the combo scale/fasting also deceives you in another sense, because unlike the 5 meals, during which energy intake and release is constant, with intermittent fasting everything becomes a roller coaster, weight, energy … and in fact if you weigh yourself at rock bottom time, sure that the size marks less, but let’s also consider weighing at the very best time.



The sensation of feeling empty is extremely pleasant. Reminding the body how good it feels without being saturated with food can help reinforce the will to reduce and assist you rediscover that it’s okay to eat less and eat less often.

Fasting cleanses, balances and helps to regulate intake voluntarily. If many cultures are practicing it for millennia, there’s a reason. But, that it’s good for a few specific issues doesn’t mean that it’s the miracle solution as many try to «sell» to the overeating of the Western world.




If what you’re trying to find is to reduce during a sustainable way within the medium and future , the ordered, healthy food that gives clean energy, which allows us to possess a high activity and improve our system , is unbeatable.

If you’re getting to do sport, it’s better to try to to it with energy in your body, it’s better.

Spreading an equivalent calories throughout the day distributes energy better, keeps you more active and helps you burn more, since you’ll never feel too heavy to maneuver .

Of course, many will think, then the winning combination to reduce is fasting and sport. Noooo, fasting and exercise aren’t good partners, fasting reduces the effectiveness of sport, and sport makes fasting require more effort, because the increased caloric expenditure triggers hunger. this mix are often utilized in very specific cases and during a punctual way but not during a sustained way.




Beware that fasting isn’t all that glitters is gold, initially it lies to you on the size numerous people think it’s the answer , but the phenomenon is that the same as once you stop eating carbohydrates, you lose more weight than calories, but that’s due to the liquid that’s then recovered.

It is also true that fasting can are available handy at a selected time once we got to cleanse ourselves, or feel empty for a deeply spiritual issue, or just because we don’t fit into a suit that we’ve to sheathe during a few hours. But without losing sight of the very fact that within the medium and future it’s a losing solution against orderly and healthy food and workout

If what you actually want is to urge in shape forget the «miracle» solutions and draw a medium-term plan, bearable, fun and straightforward to satisfy , only then you’ll beat your habits.

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