There are many reasons for fat loss nutrition: improving body composition, our sports performance, biochemical parameters, among other things.


Whatever the reason that leads you to perform a nutrition with the aim of reducing fat, you have to start it hand in hand with three objectives that you should not lose sight of: Maintain your energy levels, do not lose muscle mass and do not go hungry.


It is true that to reduce fat or lose weight you must reduce your caloric intake, but this reduction should not be more than 15-20% of your daily caloric needs. So, very restrictive diets will eventually be abandoned because you are not feeling well.



A fat loss nutrition has to be balanced in which there are carbohydrates, protein and fats.

If, for example, we reduce carbohydrates too much, most likely, in a few weeks you will feel fatigue, you will feel tired, and even in a bad mood. If we do not eat proteins we will not recover muscularly and if we do not eat fats, physiological functions such as blood coagulation or the hormonal system will not be well regulated. So, you have to eat everything. You just have to know how much and when.

For example, in an endurance athlete at least 50-60% of the nutrition should be covered by carbohydrates that should be distributed throughout the day while an athlete more focused on strength will give more priority to proteins and fats. In sports nutrition, we must take at least 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day as a minimum. So an athlete of about 65 kilos, should take a minimum of 78 grams of net protein throughout the day.

It is also very important to eat at the end of training sessions. At the end of the sessions, you must replenish the nutrients that you have lost during exercise. Therefore, it is advisable to eat foods containing carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, water and minerals such as fruit, but also foods containing a protein source with a little salt, such as turkey or tuna. Remember that with sweating we lose electrolytes and salts that we have to recover later to continue feeling strong.




Remember that when you are doing a fat loss diet, recovery is essential because without it you will not feel active and rested. Therefore, remember that you should sleep a minimum of seven hours a day (women athletes should sleep more than sedentary women) and you should plan your workouts so that you rest at least one or two days a week completely.

Also, in your workouts (if for example you do weights) you should try not to train two days in a row muscles of the same train, but alternate one day training the upper train, with another lower train, rest, upper train,… In this way, you will give 48 hours of recovery to your muscles.

You should drink before, during and after exercise. Hydration is also essential to recover properly, avoid the feeling of fatigue and continue to maintain sports performance. During exercise, we lose mainly sodium and potassium, but also magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin B. This loss of water, electrolytes and electrolytes can cause a loss of water and electrolytes. This loss of water, electrolytes and carbohydrates leads to fatigue and therefore a loss of performance. This is why being well hydrated will allow you to maintain your energy and sporting levels that you demand of yourself.

If after all this you still feel that you lack energy, make a review of your nutrition with a professional, sure that will help you improve your nutrition and you will notice how your energy level improves.




Exercise: It is real, you need 35 minutes a day to see changes in your physique.
You will have to choose in each case the type of exercise that is most advisable, especially regarding the intensity. But in general, if we want to improve, high intensity and strength exercise will be the most effective.

You can start with a two-day circuit, the first one working the upper body, the second one the lower body. I recommend exercises with machines and free weights, use the supersets and push yourself. It’s only 35 minutes, but they are intense.

Women take better activities of this type, short, intense and varied, because mentally they are more stimulating and fun, but also provide us with a high effectiveness and a great mental well-being at the end.


  • If you want to take care of your health even more, a little aerobic exercise a week, either running, fast walking or cycling will help you in your transformation.

  • If your partner can also join you at some point, it will be another positive factor to continue with the program.

  • Slowly but surely! Organize yourself well, start with intensities that your body can tolerate and enjoy what you are doing.


Take advantage of these days to make an agenda, plan your weeks and reduce the schedule in front of the screens, get in touch with a nutritionist and a personal trainer and from here, everything will come rolling. I promise.

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